How Can You Interpret the Meanings of the Different Icons on a Samsung Cellphone?


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Samsung lists icons and their meanings by phone type and service provider on its website, as of April 2015. This is necessary because Samsung phones display different icons depending on the type of phone or tablet and the service provider.

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To locate the list of icons specific to a particular phone and mobile provider, visit the Samsung website, and find the Get Support link. Clicking this link redirects customers to a support page where they can search, troubleshoot and learn more about their Samsung device.

Under the heading How Can We Help?, customers can search for the list of icons. Samsung specifically refers to the icons as "indicator icons" so it is best to use that phrase in the search. Samsung users may also add the name of the device to the search, but it is not necessary.

Searching for indicator icons redirects customers to a search results page with multiple articles displaying photos of the indicator icons and their meanings. Each article also indicates the type of Samsung device and the mobile service provider.

Although indicator icons can vary in style, certain icons such as the airplane and the phone with forward-facing arrow remain constant no matter the device or service provider. These signify airplane mode and call forwarding, respectively.

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