How Can Internet Addiction Be Avoided?

How Can Internet Addiction Be Avoided?

Internet addiction is avoided by planning ahead. The best way to avoid getting addicted is to have only specific hours set aside for Internet use.

  1. Disconnect the Internet

    With a little self-control, disconnecting the Internet is a great way to avoid addiction. The idea is to completely switch off the Internet, and make it difficult to switch it back on. This reduces the chances of getting on the Internet to check emails and numerous social media sites. Ensuring that the Internet is completely turned off during study time also helps avoid distractions.

  2. Set specific times to be on the Web

    Create time to check emails and social media messages once or twice a day to avoid spending unnecessary time online.

  3. Come up with a study plan

    A good study plan helps fight Internet addiction by virtue of being busy. Remember to include break times, which can be spent on the Internet. Restrict Internet surfing to break times only.

  4. Get work done first

    Ensure that all important tasks are completed before getting on the Internet. It is easy to get carried away online, whether it is watching videos or playing games. Make Internet time a reward for completing daily tasks, such as homework or household chores.