Where Can You Find Instructions for Setting up a Wi-Fi Connection?


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Directions for setting up a Wi-Fi connection are listed on many technology sites, including Wiki How, Digital Unite and For Dummies. These sites offer general instructions that can be adapted to a variety of devices.

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Wiki How provides factors to think about before purchasing a wireless router, including distance between devices, transfer speed and wireless encryption software. This site then explains the three methods for setting up and connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Each method is broken down into smaller pieces that are accompanied by short, 10-second videos to demonstrate the step. The website provides a variety of alternatives for different types of routers.

Digital Unite offers a less detailed list of instructions for setting up a Wi-Fi connection. The instructions are tailored to people using the Windows 7 operating system. It provides pictures that show the screen as a connection is set up.

For Dummies gives a straight-forward list of steps to follow to set up the Wi-Fi connection. These steps are broken down into manageable tasks, but the site does not offer much advice if unable to complete one of the steps. The instructions here are also best suited for Windows users, but are not specific to one Windows operating system.

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