Where Can You Find Instructions Online for Your Smartphone?

Where Can You Find Instructions Online for Your Smartphone?

Instructions for using smartphones can be found online at Vodaphone and PC World. Smartphone owners should also consult the website associated with their particular phone, such as Verizon.

New smartphone owners are often stymied when first opening their new gadget. The phone talks and texts like any other phone, but it has many more tools and applications that a learning curve is often needed. The best way to learn how to use the new smartphone is to find the online site corresponding to the smartphone. However, there are other sites that offer assistance in using these new phones, particularly since many of them share the same characteristics.

Some smartphone companies such as Verizon offer periodic classes, especially during the holidays when smartphone sales are higher.

Vodaphone offers do-it-yourself online guides and videos to help the new user learn to navigate beyond texting and making calls. Users answer a series of questions to determine which guide can help them with their new device, from phones and tablets to data and other devices.

Vodaphone provides interactive guides to a variety of smartphones. These guides assist users in learning how to set up email, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, use Wi-Fi and download new apps to the phone.