Where Can You Find Instruction Manuals for Vintage Polaroid Cameras?


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Polaroid does not provide manuals for its vintage camera models. The oldest camera models acknowledged on Polaroid's site are the Spectra and 600 models from the early 2000s. Polaroid directs inquiries about vintage equipment to third-party company The Impossible Project.

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The Impossible Project refurbishes and sells vintage Polaroid cameras, and provides support and warranties for the devices it sells. Polaroid no longer provides any service or support for these discontinued camera models, even for those not purchased from The Impossible Project as refurbished units. The company also purchases vintage Polaroid models from the 1970s through the 1990s for refurbishment and resale. Using the search function at the top of The-Impossible-Project.com, visitors can access a limited inventory of static manuals and user guides.

Not all vintage Polaroid models are supported by The Impossible Project. The company uses an old Polaroid factory with the equipment to produce films from the 8x10, SX-70, 600 and Spectra camera models. Because of this, these are the only models the company is able to support. Models that use roll film, peel apart film and 35mm film are not supported, nor are Polaroid's Super 8-compatible or iZone camera models.

In addition to refurbishment and sale, The Impossible Project repairs vintage Polaroid cameras. Repairs to models purchased through the company are free during the warranty period; a fee is assessed for non-warranty equipment. Repairs to non-refurbished cameras are limited to Polaroid's SX-70 camera models.

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