How Can You Install a Surveillance Camera?

How Can You Install a Surveillance Camera?

To put up a surveillance camera, install the software and receiver, set up the camera in the desired spot and program the system to record. Different surveillance systems may involve more complicated setup processes.

Run through the following steps to set up a basic surveillance camera.

  1. Choose a camera or kit
  2. There is a large selection of surveillance cameras and kits available ranging from options designed for home use such as the Mini-Air Watch kit and the Logitech WiLife to systems designed for professional use.

  3. Install the software
  4. If the camera or kit comes with software, install it before setting up the cameras.

  5. Set up the receiver
  6. The receiver picks up video from the camera and sends it to a computer or TV. Before setting up the cameras, plug the receiver into the viewing device.

  7. Set up the camera
  8. Install one or more cameras outside or inside the home. Ideal locations for outdoors include the front door, entrances on the ground floor, dark entryways into the home and any doors and windows that are not visible from the street. Hidden locations are ideal places for indoor cameras. Install the camera according to the directions in the device's user manual.

  9. Set up outlets or power cords
  10. Although there are many cameras available that can run on battery power, battery life is usually limited. To keep the video feed going, install a power outlet near the camera or plug an extension cord into the device.