How Can You Install a Hidden Camera to Monitor Your Home?


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To monitor your home, place a hidden camera integrated in a wall clock, power adapter, coat hooks or smoke detectors in an appropriate place. The room must be properly lit, or opt to use night-vision cameras. First test the camera’s field of view, and use sufficient storage memory.

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To get the best capture from the hidden camera, test it in its shooting environment or using a simulation of the room. Hidden cameras should face away from light sources such as windows and bulbs to avoid capturing shadows. Fix low-lux or infrared cameras in dark rooms, and hang them conveniently to produce the highest possible capture angle. Aim for cameras with 16 gigabytes of memory or higher in order to store large videos. Compromise the image quality by switching the camera resolution to low in order to maximize storage capacity.

Install hidden cameras with capabilities to sense motion or overwrite old recordings in order to make better use of the camera's memory. Motion-enabled cameras only begin to capture footage when there is movement in the room, therefore saving both on memory and battery life. Similarly, cameras with overwrite capabilities save memory by replacing information already reviewed. Use cameras powered by alternating current, or replace batteries regularly in battery-operated cameras.

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