Where Can You Find Information on Upgrading a Mobile Device?

Where Can You Find Information on Upgrading a Mobile Device?

The official websites of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint all offer information on mobile device upgrade. Some of these providers allow customers to carry out upgrades online through personal accounts.

The upgrading procedure for T-Mobile is straightforward. A T-Mobile member simply logs in to his My T-Mobile account, clicks the Phone option in the top menu, clicks the Upgrade button under the My phone option and follows website instructions to complete the upgrade. Customers can pay for upgrades on the T-mobile website, over the phone or in a T-mobile store.

Sprint's website provides several pieces of information on mobile device upgrades, including basics about the company's upgrade program, a feature allowing customers to check their eligibility for an upgrade and information on certified, pre-owned phones available to those between upgrades.

Verizon's website presents information on mobile device upgrades in its Frequently Asked Questions section. This page covers topics such as basic upgrade information, upgrade billing, upgrade eligibility transfers, third-party vendors and data packages. The website provides links to its community forums, Facebook and Twitter pages for those who have further questions on mobile device upgrades.

AT&T's mobile upgrade page includes information on upgrade status, AT&T Next, AT&T Mobile Share Value plans and the company's buy back program.