How Can You Find Information on Telephone Carriers?


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The best way to find information on telephone carriers is to visit either the carrier's website or a comparison website. There are many websites providing this service for free, such as toptenreviews.com, cnet.com and whistleout.com.

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Among many other things, toptenreviews.com gives a thorough review of the 10 most popular phone carriers on the market. The site separates each carrier into categories labeled Coverage & Quality, Pricing & Fees, Plan Features, Device Selection, and Help & Support. The website ranks each of these categories on a scale of 0-10, with 10 as the best rating and 0 as the worst.

Whistleout.com allows its visitors to enter a desired phone plan into the site, then WhistleOut displays all of the carriers that offer plans that match the visitor's search criteria. WhistleOut allows visitors to search by phone type, phone carrier, monthly minutes, monthly text messages and data usage. Cnet.com offers a quick guide on what to look for when choosing a phone carrier. Cnet.com advises its readers to evaluate five things when choosing a carrier: coverage, data speeds, plans, phone type and customer service. The site also lists nine popular carriers, and it includes a few of the pros and cons of the carriers' services.

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