Where Can You Find Information About H2O Wireless Activation?


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Information about H2O Wireless activation is available on the carrier's official FAQ page. This information includes which phones are compatible with H2O Wireless, how to insert a SIM card and activate the phone, and how to configure specific iPhone and Blackberry functions to work with H2O Wireless.

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As of 2015, H2O Wireless activation is possible over the phone or online, and customers can choose whether to activate a new number or port a number from another carrier. The activation fee varies based on which of these options the subscriber chooses. H2O Wireless customers cannot choose custom phone numbers; the company assigns them randomly from the pool of available numbers in the customer's area.

H2O Wireless uses AT&T's network. AT&T phones are compatible with this network, with no need to unlock them prior to use. This includes iPhone and Blackberry devices, although the network does not support not all features of Blackberry handsets. Customers must unlock T-Mobile phones to operate them on the H2O Wireless network, but once unlocked, most T-Mobile models are compatible.

H2O Wireless supports nationwide calling and texting. It also supports international calling for an additional fee. The per-minute rate for these calls varies by country. International texting is not available on the H2O network, and H2O Wireless recommends that customers use free data-based texting apps for international messages.

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