How Can You Improve Your Pronunciation so That Voice Recognition Software Can Understand You?


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To improve your pronunciation so that voice recognition software can understand you better, speak quickly at a steady pace, find a language teacher or instructional series and record yourself speaking. If you know the basics of correct pronunciation, reading out loud works well as practice.

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Voice recognition software and applications are designed to receive input at a normal, conversational pace. You shouldn't slow down your pace or over-enunciate words. It also helps to keep sentences short without long pauses between words or phrases. Words that are unnecessary and could confuse the software, such as please and thank you, should be avoided.

Language teachers can provide an assessment of your pronunciation and help you improve. There are also podcasts available for native and non-native speakers of a language to learn proper pronunciation. Recording yourself speaking is important because it reveals mistakes you make. Practicing proper pronunciation every day can help you consistently improve. This practice may include imitating someone who is well spoken or reading a book aloud.

Many software programs and applications allow you to correct it when it pronounces or hears a word incorrectly. Make corrections to improve its capabilities. If the machine doesn't understand you, a microphone may help your voice come in more clearly.

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