Where Can You Find Some Good Keyboarding Lessons?


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Many websites offer online typing lessons, such as Keybr.com, Typing-Lessons.org and FreeTypingGame.net. These websites offer varying methods for learning how to type, including finger placement lessons and practice exercises.

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Keybr.com teaches touch typing, which is typing without looking at the fingers by reinforcing muscle memory. For instance, an early lesson is typing a series of short words with similar letters to type them without making a mistake. Pseudo-English words are generated based on the user's skill level, and the letters in the words change based on performance. For example, if a typist frequently makes a mistake with the letter E, it is included in more words and subsequent lessons.

Typing-Lessons.org, also known as Peter's Online Typing Course, teaches by first explaining where the fingers should placed on the keyboard to type each key. Each lesson thereafter builds on the previous lesson. The first lesson teaches the home row keys. Subsequent lessons teach finger placement for typing brackets, numbers, quotes, the top row and the bottom row keys with lessons for each. After explaining finger placement for everything on the keyboard, it offers typing exercises where the user msut type a random selection of numbers and letters mixed together.

FreeTypingGame.net offers typing lessons and typing tests like the others. However, it also offers typing games, which are best suited for intermediate and advanced learners who want to practice. Games such as "Keyboard Revolution," "Trick or Type" and "Desert Typing," which asks the user to type a word correctly to advance through the game, are available on the website for practice.

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