Where Can You Find Some Good Greeting Messages for Your Voicemail?


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Some places to find good greeting messages for voicemail include the Blitz, VoiceNation and MightyCall websites, all of which have examples of professional-sounding voicemail greetings designed to encourage the caller to respond. All three sites also provide helpful tips on what should go into greeting messages. VoiceNation has recordings of sample messages users can listen to as well.

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Blitz offers its sample voicemail greetings within the tips section of its blog page. Its sample messages are designed for business professionals who work in sales and marketing and are designed to catch the caller's attention, share information, provide information on being out of the office and show that the caller is important to the business. There are also sample greetings for emphasizing that the caller's time is valuable and to give the caller a realistic idea of when he should receive a call back.

MightyCall's voicemail greetings are more varied and offer both professional options and those that are creative and even funny and suitable for personal use. A common feature among the greetings for business professionals is the emphasis on wanting to not waste the caller's time and to provide an idea of when the person being called will be available. The personal greetings are less formal and mention that the caller isn't at home, including some jokes or taglines to make them more interesting.

VoiceNation features standard greetings for the office as well as virtual office greetings. The website's sample messages are typically concise, stating the name of the receiver and providing instructions to the caller.

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