How Can You Get Free Gift Cards?

How Can You Get Free Gift Cards?

Ways to get free gift cards include using social media, transferring prescriptions or signing up with promotional websites. You can also get free gift cards from entering sweepstakes and instant win games, answering surveys and even test driving cars.

Some companies give away free gift cards on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Usually these companies ask readers to share or retweet an ad for a chance at winning a gift card.

Pharmacies sometimes give away free gift cards to people who transfer their prescriptions. Similarly, auto dealerships also attempt to attract business by giving free gift cards to people who test drive specific vehicles.

Websites such as Mypoints and Swagbucks offer gift cards in return for completing tasks such as reading emails, doing Web searches, answering surveys and shopping through the Web. Several different gift cards are available. Answering surveys through specific survey websites, such as Harris Poll Online, may also be rewarded with free gift cards.

Rebate offers for gift cards are often available from food companies. Cereal products are a good place to find rebate offers. Becoming eligible for a gift card may require spending a certain amount of money or buying a specific amount of a product.