Where Can You Find Free Galaxy Phones?


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Major cellphone providers sometimes offer free Samsung Galaxy phones, although these phones are typically older models of Samsung Galaxy S phones or Galaxy variants designed for the medium- and low-price markets. Best Buy and other retailers sometimes offer discounts as well. However, these heavily discounted phones require contracts.

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The popularity of the Samsung Galaxy brand, as of April 2015, has lead Samsung to release models with fewer features than its flagship phones that still carry the Galaxy name. The Samsung Galaxy Avant, for example, lacks many of the features of more expensive Galaxy phones but is available at a significantly lower price. Buyers looking for Samsung's Android customizations and its reputation might be able to find the Galaxy Avant for free with some providers. Buyers can often find older flagship Samsung phones for free with a contract as well.

Major cellphone carriers in the United States largely focus on offering phones with two-year contracts. These contracts allow users to lock in a certain price, but they also allow companies to know how much profit the service is going to generate. As a result, providers often compete by offering discounts on expensive phones. Buyers should note, however, that the discount they receive on these phones is eventually recovered during the life of the contract.

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