How Can Friends Share Photos on Yahoo Messenger?

Sharing photos with family and friends on Yahoo! Messenger can be done in one of two ways: by clicking the "photos" button at the top of the conversation window or clicking the "actions" menu and then clicking "share photos." Photos must be shared during a conversation.

To share photos in Yahoo Messenger, the recipient must have a version of Yahoo Messenger that allows him to accept photos shared. If not, an error message will appear on the screen that states that the recipient has declined the invitation to view the photos. If this happens, the person should go to the download page for Yahoo Messenger and download the latest version to get the photo sharing capability.

If the recipient already has the latest version of Yahoo Messenger, a note on the screen will say that the recipient has been invited to view the shared photos and that he will need to accept the response. Next, drag the pictures directly from the desktop or drive and place them in the conversation window. The person receiving the photos should click "Accept" and the photo will be sent to the recipient so that he can either view it or save it.