What Can Be Found on EducationCity's Home Page?

EducationCity's home page includes information on products, events, company information, news and contacts. International information about the site and free trials of the site's features are also available on its homepage.

The product category has two subcategories for primary schools and families. The primary schools section covers the curriculum overview and academic subjects, including mathematics, English, Spanish and French. It also has overview, subjects, features and blogs subsections. The families section has topics involving special education needs, foreign languages, literacy and science. The dates of EducationCity's events are listed in the events section, which contains links to further information about each event.

International information about EducationCity's partnerships across the world, including its curriculum and testimonials, is in the international category. Information about careers, awards, policies, partners and charity work is found in the company information section. It also has information about the creation of EducationCity and its organization.

Information about all press releases, case studies, testimonials and the press is in the news section. The Twitter feed of EducationCity adds to the news section, and the site regularly posts news articles. People with inquiries can call a phone number or use a contact form, and returning users are encouraged to log in.