How Can You Get More Followers on Social Media?

How Can You Get More Followers on Social Media?

To get more followers on social media, follow like-minded users, keep the profile active, post content regularly, share content from other users and engage with other users, notes Forbes magazine. It can also help to use hashtags and to connect with influential users on specific networks.

To increase followers on social media networks, run through the following steps, states Forbes magazine.

  1. Set goals
  2. Setting goals for building followers helps achieve specific targets.

  3. Follow other users
  4. Follow users who have similar interests, as recommended by Forbes. Engagement is a big part of social media success. Connect with influencers to help spread messages across the network.

  5. Keep the profile active
  6. Post frequency depends on the network and its other followers. Some networks require more frequent updates than others do. Use the trial-and-error process to determine the ideal post frequency for that network. However, be sure to keep the quality high.

  7. Post original content
  8. Original content can help increase shares and retweets. Content can be informative, educational, funny, inspirational or opinion based. Be sure to keep the voice consistent and relatable to other users. Always keep the quality high and make sure the content provides value to followers, as recommended by Inc. magazine. Include hashtags in posts to make it easier for other users to find the content.

  9. Repost content
  10. Not all content on social media has to be original. Reposting content from other users can help keep the profile updated and can help boost engagement from those users.

  11. Engage with other users
  12. Engaging with other users helps build up a dialogue. Always try to respond to people in the network and answer any questions that pop up.