How Can You Follow the Progress of Your Sales on EBay?

How Can You Follow the Progress of Your Sales on EBay?

Sellers on eBay track sales through the My eBay feature, which shows active and past sales. Users watch the items being sold to track bids and completed auctions. Sellers also use the My eBay function to answer questions bidders have on items.

Managing eBay sales allows the user to maximize profits and take care of problems as they arise. Tracking progress involves monitoring the sales to ensure the auction goes smoothly.

Questions from bidders are a major part of monitoring sales. If a question goes unanswered, the potential buyer often decides not to bid, which may mean a lost sale or a lower selling price. Sellers should check daily and respond to questions right away. If the same question comes up more than once, the seller may consider updating the listing to include the information.

The end of the auction is another sales task that requires monitoring. The winning bidder receives notification from eBay. The seller watches for payment from the buyer. If payment is not received, the seller may need to send an invoice to the buyer. Once the buyer pays, the seller should send the item promptly.

eBay offers a free version of Selling Manager to manage sales. Sellers also have the option of a pro version for a monthly fee. The Sales Reports Plus feature allows sellers to analyze the details of sales over a certain period.