How Can You Fix Runtime Error R6025?

Two ways to fix the runtime error R6025 are to either update the program that is causing the error or to uninstall the program. Registry cleaning programs fix a runtime error R6025 that was caused by registry errors.

A runtime error R6025 could occur when there is an error with the Visual C++ framework. This specific error appears when a program calls on a pure virtual function that is not valid, which is why software developers get this error when they are developing programs and have entered a code incorrectly, or when a PC failed to fully download a program, resulting in missing code.

If the error occurs the first time that a person tries to use the program, it's likely that the downloading PC saved parts of the program incorrectly. Before trying to download the program again, it should be fully uninstalled from the Windows control panel.

A runtime error R6025 is often the cause of registry errors. Since the registry is a computer's central database for options and settings, problems in the registry may cause programs to run abnormally. Since the registry is constantly being accessed, the chance of error is high. Computer users should always use caution when using a registry cleaning program and changing anything in the registry. Deleting a needed registry may result in unwanted changes to the computer.