How Can You Fix a Logitech Mouse That Is Not Working?

The most common problems with any Logitech mouse can usually be fixed by securing the wired connection, replacing the batteries on a wireless mouse, removing radio interference, reinstalling the mouse's software and driver, and cleaning the trackball or laser. One of these methods usually fixes any Logitech mouse.

If it is a wired mouse, make sure the USB or serial connection to the computer is securely seated. For wireless versions make sure the USB receiver is firmly seated and the batteries are fresh. A Logitech wireless mouse uses a radio frequency of 2.4GHz. Remove anything from the room that operates on this frequency, including cordless phones, active Bluetooth devices and microwave ovens.

The next step is to remove and reload the Logitech software. You can navigate to the control panels with the keyboard or a spare mouse. Go to the Add and Remove Programs option and uninstall the Logitech software. Use your browser to go to the Logitech website, and download and install the version for your make and model of mouse. Update the driver in the Device Manager window. The Windows Help feature can detail both of these tasks.

Finally clean the tracking device on the bottom of the mouse. It is either a ball or a laser. If it is a ball, remove it and wipe off any dirt or grime. If it is a laser, remove the cover and wipe any of dust off the optics with a soft cloth.