How Can You Fix Broken Glass on an IPhone?

How Can You Fix Broken Glass on an IPhone?

Before fixing a broken glass on an iPhone, first back up the data, and then remove the back cover and internal hardware. Finally remove the broken glass assembly and install a replacement before reassembling the iPhone.

To fix a broken glass display on an iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. Back up data
  2. Using either iCloud or iTunes, back up all the data for safe storage, then remove the SIM card using an eject tool or paperclip.

  3. Remove the back cover
  4. Remove the bottom edge screws with a pentalobe screwdriver to release the back cover. Slide it up and lift to remove.

  5. Remove internal hardware
  6. Remove the battery connector screw and disconnect the motherboard from the connector. Note the position of the tiny pressure contact beneath the connector, then remove. Pull the battery pull tab to release it. Noting the location of each, remove the screws from the metal shields that cover the motherboard. Next, disconnect the rear camera and all cables around the motherboard. Finally remove the motherboard screw, which is under the white sticker by the battery pull tab, as well as the screw beneath the docking connector cable and the metal standoff by the headphone jack. Remove the motherboard from the case, followed by the speaker enclosure and vibration motor.

  7. Remove the display assembly
  8. Remove the screws from the sides and corners of the iPhone frame. Insert a thin plastic or metal tool between the frame and the front glass to pry apart, threading the display cables through the frame.

  9. Install new display assembly
  10. Remove the new display's plastic film, if applicable. Thread the display cables back through the flame and press the new display panel onto the frame. Screw it into place.

  11. Reassemble
  12. Working in reverse, reassemble the phone to complete the repair.