How Can a Fitbit Tracker Be Synced to a Computer Dashboard?

How Can a Fitbit Tracker Be Synced to a Computer Dashboard?

How Can a Fitbit Tracker Be Synced to a Computer Dashboard?

A Fitbit tracker automatically syncs through the computer every 15 minutes if there is new data to upload, the computer is on, awake and connected to the Internet, the wireless sync dongle is inserted and recognized, Fitbit Connect is properly installed and running and the tracker is within 15 to 20 feet of the computer. If any of the previous requirements are not met, the Fitbit tracker may not sync with the computer dashboard.

There are several things to try if the Fitbit tracker is not syncing with the computer dashboard.

  1. Verify Fitbit account
  2. Log into the Fitbit account. Click the gear icon on the top right of the page to verify that the tracker icon is present in the drop down menu. If the icon is not present the tracker is not properly paired with the account and must be set up.

  3. Make sure the Fitbit Connect application recognizes the wireless sync dongle
  4. Ensure the wireless dongle is plugged into the computer. Right click the Fitbit Connect icon to see the "USB Dongle Connected" message. If the message states the dongle is disconnected try another USB port.

  5. Force sync the tracker
  6. With the tracker within 15 feet of the computer and turned on, tap the display or press the button, open the main menu on Fitbit Connect and select "Sync Now". The tracker may require a login before syncing.

  7. Restart the tracker
  8. If the device is still not syncing, try restarting it before beginning the syncing process again.

  9. Re-install Fitbit Connect
  10. If after trying all the above methods to sync the Fitbit tracker with the computers dashboard result in failure, re-install the Fitbit Connect software.