How Can You Fit a Replacement Screen for a Kindle?


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The tools required for fitting a replacement screen for a Kindle include a set of electronic flathead and Phillips screwdrivers and a soft plastic pry tool. Start the disassembling process by prying off the plastic rear cover using a flathead electronic screwdriver.

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How Can You Fit a Replacement Screen for a Kindle?
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A black battery is visible once the back cover is removed. Unfasten the two Phillips screws at the top, and remove the battery. Disconnect the four cables and wires that are plugged into the logic board, originating from the keyboard and the screen. Then, remove the white socket holding the speaker wires, which is held in place with a brown lock bar.

The socket is released using a flathead screwdriver. The wires easily slide out from the socket. Next, unfasten the screws that attach the small ground piece, and then unscrew the screws that hold the silver 3G card. Disconnect the black cable plugged into the 3G card.

Remove the logic board. For this, first remove the black component by unscrewing the four screws that hold it in place. Locate the screws that hold the logic board to the midboard, and unfasten these screws. Lift off the logic board, and gently remove the midboard.

The screen is now exposed. Remove the existing screen, and replace it with a new one. The fitting has to be done with great care as it is a delicate screen. Reassemble all the disassembled components of the Kindle in a reverse manner.

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