Where Can You Find Emerson TV Codes?

Many informational websites offer Emerson TV codes, including ElizTech.com, HiFi-Remote.com, RemoteCodeList.com and CodesForUniversalRemotes.com. Each of these sites provides specific information about Emerson TV codes, with some being more up-to-date than others. The sites are freely accessible and do not require users to register to access their contents. As of 2015, there are 2-digit, 3-digit and 4-digit Emerson TV codes.

Most sites that offer Emerson TV codes also provide TV codes for various models. HiFi-Remote.com has a list containing Tv brands and their codes on its official page. The site has over 11 Emerson TV codes including 0019, 0180, 0280 among other codes. It only offers 4-digit Emerson TV codes.

RemoteCodeList.com has a list of over nine 2-digit Emerson TV codes. The site also has instructions for inputting the codes. A user has to turn on the Emerson TV and hold TV key button while entering the code. Once complete, the TV turns off. Failure to do so prompts the user to enter another code.

Sites such as CodesForUniversalRemotes.com and ElizTech.com offer Emerson TV codes for universal remotes. ElizTech.com provides 3-digit and 4-digit universal remotes code for an Emerson TV. The site has both GE and RCA universal remote codes for Emerson brand. CodesForUniversalRemotes.com, on the other hand, offers 2-digit Emerson TV codes and instruction on how to input the codes.