Where Can You Find an Elvish Translator?


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The Lingojam website offers a Tel'Quessir elvish translator, and the Chosen of Eilistraee website offers a Drow Elf translator. The Tel'Quessir translator is from "The Forgotten Realms", while the Eilistraee translator is from "Neverwinter Nights", both of which originated from "Dungeons and Dragons" lore.

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Where Can You Find an Elvish Translator?
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There are many variations of the Elvish language. The Grey Company website explores different dialects of the language and offers a comprehensive list of translations. The Alpha Dictionary features a translation guide to Quenya, which is the language of the Elves in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth. The entirety of Quenya, including grammar usage, was solely created by Tolkien.

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