Can a DVD Player Be Hooked up to a Computer Monitor?

Depending on the pre-installed hardware and the age of the DVD player and computer monitor to be used, a DVD player can be connected to a computer monitor when the right equipment is used. However, unless both devices are relatively new, the resulting video quality may be poor.

Here are the most common hardware connections that may be used to tether a DVD player to a computer monitor:

  • For a newer DVD player and monitor, the connection will be made via DVI in/outputs on both devices
  • For a newer DVD player and a CRT monitor, a DVI/HDMI to VGA converter can be used; however, this may result in a loss of video quality
  • For an older DVD player without an HDMI output, both a composite and S-Video to VGA converter will need to be used; this will result in a significant loss of quality