How Can You Draw a Star Using Microsoft Paint?

How Can You Draw a Star Using Microsoft Paint?

To draw an accurate five-pointed star in Microsoft Paint, use a grid of eight squares by eight squares, as a guide. Use the zoom function to zoom in on the grid, and add three guide lines in a different color: one down the second column from the left, one down the second from the right, and the third line one-third up from the bottom row. Complete the star using the grid and guidelines to ensure the lines are even.

Begin at the top line of the grid, on the line between the two center columns. Use the line tool to draw a line from the center, down to where the left vertical guideline meets the horizontal guideline. From this point, draw another line to the right edge of the grid, one row above the middle.

Draw the third line horizontally across the grid. Use the shift key to ensure the line is perfectly level. From this point, draw a line down to the point at the bottom right, where the guide lines intersect. Join the two remaining points to complete the star.

Use the line tool again to trace around the star outline, and use the flood fill tool to fill in the center and remove the guidelines.

The shapes tool in Microsoft Paint contains options for drawing five-pointed and six-pointed stars. Select the appropriate shape, and drag the shape out in the desired location. Hold the shift key down, while dragging, to ensure that the star is evenly shaped.