Can I Download a YouTube Video of Gospel Songs and Put It on a CD?

To legally download a song from YouTube and burn it to a CD, either the song must be in the public domain or the artist must have granted permission for the song to be duplicated. In order to burn a CD, you need to convert the song from video to mp3 format and then decompress it into an audio file.

For a song to be in the public domain, the artist must release it or their rights over the song must expire. The first step in burning a song to a CD is to convert the YouTube video into an audio file, most often a mp3 file. To do this, you can use a free third-party website, such as or To use these sites, simply input the URL into a text box and click "download."

These programs create compressed audio files from the videos, which a CD player cannot read. To create an audio CD, you must use another program to decompress these files, such as Express Burn, Windows Media Player or Roxio's Easy CD Creator. Insert a blank CD and select the files desired to burn the CD. Do not remove the CD before the software tells you to, as this results in incomplete audio files.