How Can You Download the TextNow App for Free?

How Can You Download the TextNow App for Free?

Download the TextNow application for free from the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play Store on Android devices. TextNow is a free application that generates revenue through ads, as of 2015. Users can pay to remove all ads.

To download the application to an iOS device, open the App Store by tapping its icon on the home screen, and find TextNow using the search function. Open its page, tap the blue Get icon on the right, and enter your password if the device asks for it. The App Store then downloads the application automatically.

If using an Android device, open the Google Play Store application, search for TextNow, and open its page. Click the green Install button to download the application. Enter your password if the device prompts you to do so.

TextNow allows users to send free texts using their phone numbers. In addition to the unlimited text message support, the application can send pictures and voicemail as well as make calls. Users can customize the look of the application, change the ringtone and create personal voicemail greetings. Although calls are free within the United States and Canada, additional charges apply when calling another country.

The application also works on devices that lack network capabilities, such as the iPod Touch and Wi-Fi only tablets. The iOS application is only available for iOS versions 7 and newer.