Where Can I Download Movies Online?

can-download-movies-online Credit: Frank and Helena/Cultura/Getty Images

When it comes to downloading movies online, there is no shortage of available options. Public Domain Torrents allows viewers to download free classic movies while sites like Atom Films, Emol and The Internet Archive have a diversified selection.

Public Domain Torrents is an excellent site to visit if a movie collector wants to get to know the classic movies in film history. It is also a great resource for film and English students who need to watch these movies for critical analysis but do not have the cash to purchase the physical copies. These movies are free for everyone because the copyright has expired on them.

Atom Films is a great website owned by MTV Networks that allows users to upload their own short films and web series. The Internet Archive offers up a collection of old films, foreign films, documentaries and even video games that are off of the mainstream path. Emol is a great website for viewers to check out for offbeat comedy and classic collections from Charlie Chaplin and Warner Brothers.

If a user wants to purchase the latest films for their digital movie collection, mega sites like Walmart and Amazon offer the best selection of the highest quality Hollywood flicks at the lowest prices.