How Can You Download Linux Mint for Free?


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Download Linux Mint for free by accessing the Download section on LinuxMint.com, selecting the desired version that uses Debian or Ubuntu as its package base, selecting the desired edition, and clicking on the link for the 32- or 64-bit version. Linux Mint is available in the form of an ISO image containing the necessary setup files.

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On LinuxMint.com, hover over the Download button, and click on Linux Mint 17.3, the latest version available as of December 2015. Navigate to the Download Links section, find the desired edition, and click on the 32- or 64-bit link. Once the Download page opens, select a primary download mirror to start downloading the ISO image of the Linux Mint DVD. Alternatively, download the torrent file if you have a torrent client installed. The website suggests using primary download mirrors because they’re synchronized with Linux Mint on a daily basis.

To download older versions, click on All Versions, click on the designation or code name for the desired version, and then click on the download link for one of the editions. To download a version that uses Debian as its package base, click on LMDE 2, and click on the download link next for the version using the Cinnamon or MATE desktop environment. Although Linux Mint doesn’t include proprietary drivers for hardware such as graphics card, it doesn’t preclude their installation. Most of the software that it includes by default is free and open source.

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