How Can You Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7?

How Can You Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7?

To downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7, uninstall Windows 8 by formatting your hard drive, and perform a clean installation of Windows 7. Access the Boot Options menu, initiate BIOS, and set your optical drive as the primary boot device. Insert the Windows 7 disc, and complete the setup process.

  1. Back up your files

    Connect a USB drive or an external hard drive, and transfer the important files onto it. You don’t have to back up system files because the Windows 7 installation process creates them automatically.

  2. Access the Boot Options menu

    In Windows 8, hold down the Windows key, and press C to access the Charms bar. Click on the Settings button, and select the Change PC Settings option. Click on the General tab, and click on Restart Now in the Advanced Startup section.

  3. Set your optical drive as the primary boot device

    Click on the Troubleshoot tile, and select the UEFI Firmware Settings option. Navigate to the Boot section, and move your optical drive to the top of the hierarchy list. Select the Save and Exit option, and select Yes to confirm the change.

  4. Install Windows 7

    Insert your Windows 7 installation disc, and restart your computer. Press any key to initiate the setup process when prompted. Follow the installation wizard instructions, and select the Custom (Advanced) option. Click on the Drive Options (Advanced) link, select the primary hard drive, and click on Delete. Click on OK to confirm the action. Select the Unallocated Space entry, and click on Next. Wait for the computer to format the hard drive, and finalize the installation process. Transfer your files back, and install the necessary drivers.