What Can Be Done About Scratches on LCD Screens?

can-done-scratches-lcd-screens Credit: MACIEJ NOSKOWSKI/E+/Getty Images

Light scratches on LCD screens can be fixed using various inexpensive items commonly found at home. If the scratch is heavy, a scratch removal kit may be a better option. One method to remove a light scratch is to create a mixture with equal parts baking soda and glass cleaner. Apply the mixture to the scratch in a light, circular motion, essentially buffing the scratch off the screen.

There are several other methods that conceal, rather than remove, a light scratch on an LCD screen. Peanut butter is useful for hiding the appearance of light scratches on an LCD screen. After cleaning the screen, cover the scratch with peanut butter. Remove the peanut butter from the scratch and clean the LCD screen again. Another method to repair a lightly scratched screen is to clean the surface and then fill the scratch with Vaseline. Gently wipe off the excess Vaseline, taking care not to remove the Vaseline in the scratch.

Scratches on LCD screens are common due to their delicate nature. Be very careful when cleaning an LCD screen, and use only materials specifically made to clean LCD screens. If these screens are punctured or cracked, it will be necessary to replace the device.