What Can Be Done About Expired Security Certificates on Home Computers?


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If a computer says that the security certificate has expired, the date and time on the computer need to be checked; if they are correct, a computer technician should be called to make sure that there are no viruses on the computer. The security certificate can help protect the data that is on a computer.

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Most computers come equipped with a security certificate. This certificate ensures that the privacy of the computer user is kept safe and that other people do not have access to the information that is contained on the computer, whether the information has been sent to a server or not.

A security certificate relies on the date and time of the computer and can be affected by the time zone that is set on the computer. To ensure that the security certificate message is not simply coming up because of an incorrect time, the time needs to be set correctly. This can be done in the settings section on most computers. Once the time has been verified or changed to ensure that it is correct, the browser should be closed and reopened to determine if that was the problem. If that does not solve the problem, a computer technician will be able to check for and remove any viruses that are affecting the security section of the computer.

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