How Can You Dispute an Amazon Marketplace PMTS Charge?

How Can You Dispute an Amazon Marketplace PMTS Charge?

Disputing a charge on any item on Amazon PMTS, or Amazon payments, requires using the "Disputing a Transaction" option found on Amazon's website. However, prior to using this option, Amazon prefers buyers to deal with the sellers directly and allow the two to communicate prior to intervening.

Opening a case with Amazon is possible for a number of reasons, such as receiving the wrong item, not receiving an item or receiving a fake item. All of these issues can be resolved between the buyer and seller, but if there is no resolution after an extended period, Amazon can intervene. To use Amazon to dispute a transaction, use the following instructions.

  1. Navigate the payment section
  2. While on Amazon, go to the payments section and log in to the applicable account.

  3. Choose the details link
  4. The details link shows all the information in regards to the transaction including the cost of the product, as well as when the item was shipped and received, click on it.

  5. Choose the problem option
  6. After pressing on the problem option, navigate to the File/View Claim section and follow the prompts to submit a complaint. These forms include information in regards to the date of the transaction, amount paid, transaction ID and the description of the problem.

  7. Wait for a result
  8. Amazon will take up to 45 days to resolve the problem, so wait until then before taking any additional action. Amazon may also request any additional material if needed.