How Can a Digital Television Signal Be Improved?

A digital television signal can be improved by installing the right receiver, ensuring the antenna is installed correctly, positioning the antenna away from obstructions, choosing the right cables or subscribing to satellite television services. Digital television signals are capable of supporting more TV channels and are generally preferred over analog signals.

Digital television signal may be weak or shaky because of a number of reasons including distance from transmitter, bad weather conditions, poor installation and too many obstructions. Below are a few things to try when experiencing poor signal quality.

Check for correct installation

One of the things to do is ensure all necessary equipment are installed correctly. This means checking the antenna and receiver to ascertain that everything has been connected to the right port.

Type of receiver

Some digital signal receivers are of poor quality and may not be able to give good quality signal. It is important to ensure the receiver is approved by the government and that it is provided by a reputable manufacturer.

Avoid obstructions

If the antenna is installed near too many trees or buildings, it is likely to give poor signal quality. As much as possible, the antenna should be erected in areas with little or no obstructions.

Subscribing to satellite services

In certain regions, obstructions may be too many or the distance from the transmitter may be an issue. A person may have to subscribe to satellite television services in such cases.