How Can You Get Free Digital Air TV Channels?

As of 2015, access free high-definition over-the-air television channels by attaching a digital broadcast antenna to a television capable of receiving high-definition channels. Some antennas function within the home with a shorter reception range, while outdoor antennas receive signals from farther away in exchange for a higher retail price.

Many major broadcast networks make their content available through a digital signal that replaces the older analogue broadcast signal used during the early days of television. For a television to process the signal and display high-definition content, the owner needs to purchase a special antenna that connects to the television and processes the digital signal. These antennas are different from older models of television antennas in that they do not require extensive configuration to improve the quality of the signal due to the nature of the digital broadcast and the higher strength of the signal.

These types of digital antennas are available as indoor models and outdoor models, which cost more because they feature a greater reception range. Websites such as allow visitors to check the broadcast networks available in a specific area based on their distance from local broadcast centers. From this, they can determine the reception capabilities of antennas in order to purchase the model that fits their television desires.