How Can You Determine Your Connection Speed?

Test the speed of your connection to the Internet by closing all Internet applications and using Ookla's connection speed test tool found at The tool provides insight into the latency, download speed and upload speed of your connection.

  1. Close all other Internet-related applications

    To obtain the most accurate measurement of your Internet connection speed, run the speed test tool without competition from other Internet-related applications. Close all other programs that might be sharing Internet bandwidth, and avoid accessing the Internet from any other device during the duration of the test.

  2. Go to

    Open a browser window. In the address bar, type "", and hit Enter. Wait for the site to load completely.

  3. Start the speed test

    Hit the Begin Test button. The graphic animates to illustrate what the test and your connection are doing.

  4. Interpret the results

    When the test finishes, three values are displayed on the screen. Ping value is the amount of time it takes for a signal to be transmitted between your computer and the test server. Download speed is the velocity at which data is transferred from the server to your computer. This value should closely match the advertised speed of your connection. Upload speed refers to how fast data is transferred from your computer to a server on the Web.