How can you determine a cellphone location?


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As of 2015, many cellphones feature applications that let owners track the location of a lost or stolen phone, such as the Find My iPhone app included on Apple's iOS operating system. Some cellular carriers offer their own phone-locating services as well.

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The Find My iPhone app is the most well-known cellphone locator app. The app allows a user to find his phone's GPS coordinates and map its location through another iOS device or computer once the iPhone is registered on Apple's iCloud system. Users can also lock their iPhones and display messages with contact information to help anyone who finds a lost iPhone return it more easily. The Android Device Manager app produced by Google is a close equivalent to Find My iPhone, though it does not come pre-installed on all Android phones.

Many cellular providers offer phone locator services, such as the Total Protection service offered by prepaid cellular provider MetroPCS. Users who have installed the Metro Total Protection app on their phones can log into the Metro Total Protection website with a phone number and password to find their phone's location on a map, lock the phone or force the phone to play an audio tone to help locate it if nearby.

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