Where Can You Find Free Desktop Wallpapers?

Free desktop wallpapers are available in various places on the Internet, especially in wallpaper repository sites and online art galleries, such as deviantART, WallpaperStock, VladStudio, InterfaceLIFT and wallcoo.net. Microsoft and the National Geographic also provide free wallpapers and desktop backgrounds.

Most online wallpaper sites get the photographs and artwork from online contributors. DeviantART, in particular, is one of the largest online communities for digital artists. VladStudio, however, is a site that features the works of Vlad Gerasimov, a Russian wallpaper artist. Professional photographers from all over the world provide the wallpapers in National Geographic, while the photographs provided by Microsoft are from commissioned amateur photographers. Most wallpapers found in these online wallpapers sites are available in a variety of high-definition images and sizes, and users can download them at no charge.