What Can I Do If My Desktop Has No Audio Device?


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For users who do not have any sort of desktop sound device, there are quite a few options available. Certain monitors come with speakers equipped, but not all do. Most PC users find themselves purchasing a separate set of desktop speaker that they plug into the sound card or motherboard in the back of the PC.

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Most PC users find themselves purchasing external speakers for their desktop use. While some PCs come with the technology integrated directly into the motherboard, no PC comes with any sort of speaker built into the machine. Some monitors may have onboard sound, but these speakers are rarely high quality and the user is generally better served by buying a set of separate desktop speakers.

Basic PCs come pre-built by manufacturers such as HP, Dell and Microsoft, but do not include a separate sound card. Modern PCs now have the technology directly through the motherboard, eliminating the need for a sound expansion card, according to About.com; it still provides the outlet for the speakers, however. PC users may find that buying a separate sound card allows them to do more than the integrated sound card on most motherboards; some expansion cards allow for advanced audio editing and output, and provide additional inputs and outputs for other devices.

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