How Can You Defragment a PC Hard Drive?


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To defragment the hard drive for a Windows PC, use the operating system's built-in defragmenting utility, such as Disk Defragmenter for Windows 7 or Optimize Drives for Windows 8. Although these utilities run on a schedule by default, you can manually defragment the hard drive.

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To manually run the Disk Defragmenter on Windows 7, click Start, search for the Disk Defragmenter utility in the search box, and select the appropriate result. Go to Current Status, and select the disk you want to defragment. Click on Analyze Disk to determine whether you need to defragment the disk. If Windows prompts you for a password, key it in. Once Windows has finished analyzing, check the percentage of fragmentation. If the percentage is higher than 10, click Defragment Disk.

To manually optimize a drive using Windows 8, go to the search box, and enter "defragment." Click on Defragment and Optimize Your Drives to open the utility. Go to Status, and click on the drive you wish to defragment. Analyze the drive, and click Optimize if the drive's fragmentation is more than 10 percent. Provide the appropriate password if Windows asks for it.

Since Macs automatically defragment files, they do not have a built-in defragmenting utility.

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