How Can Data Usage Be Limited on a Teenager's Verizon Cellphone?


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To limit teen data usage on a Verizon plan, as of 2015, parents can sign up for the FamilyBase program for an additional cost per month. This program allows parents to set up parent and child lines and download an application to monitor and limit their child's data usage.

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The FamilyBase add-on provides parents with an easy-to-use family dashboard that allows them to set up certain controls for each child's phone usage. Parents can set time restrictions that prevent their child from using the phone at specified times and create limits for the amount of data, texts, calls and purchases. The dashboard allows for the blocking of texts and calls to certain contacts.

The FamilyBase dashboard also gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's phone usage. Parents can view the phone numbers of sent and received calls and texts, along with the dates and times of these communications. However, the service does not allow parents to view the content of text messages or hear phone conversations. If the FamilyBase app is also installed on the child's phone, the parent can access data on the apps downloaded and in use and a child's contact list. This companion app also gives parents the option to lock their child's phone at any time.

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