What Can You Create Using Scratch?


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Scratch is a programming language with a wide variety of potential applications, from creating games, animations and films to making presentations, math and science simulations. It can even create interactive art.

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Scratch as a programming language forgoes complicated syntax to make coding accessible. Without the worry of tons of coding errors, it's easy to facilitate quick creation. In Scratch users can "snap" events together like Lego bricks in a graphical interface. This makes it easy to connect a series of events together, and program different responses to different events. A basic set of options could include different responses to an event, such as whether a user clicks on the left half of the screen, or the right half. A more complex set of options could separate the screen into three, four or even more possible options to select, each with individual responses.

Due to this, Scratch can be used to create a limitless variety of media, depending on how a person uses it. It could be a choose-your-own-adventure style of story, or an interactive game similar to Space Invaders, or an interactive presentation/lecture to help students get increasingly engaged in class. It does not necessarily need to be interactive media, however. It is also possible to create a static movie or animation that cannot be changed by user input.

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