How Can You Create Your Own Website Layout?


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Create your own website layout by using a graphic design program to make the image components and then crafting an HTML document to control their placement or by using a Web design program such as Dreamweaver to build the code automatically. Another option is to use a content management system that supports themes and modify an existing layout to suit your needs.

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Websites exist through the use of HTML, which is a type of markup language that allows users to send signals to Web browsers that determine how images appear on the screen. While it possible to make a website layout exclusively using HTML and CSS, which is a series of commands and protocols that aid in the display of HTML, many developers use graphic design programs to aid in the process. These programs allow the developer to make background images, icons and other elements and then use HTML to position them on the page.

Programs such as Dreamweaver allow you to determine the positioning of website content using a visual editor, wherein you can place items onto the screen and have the program generate the appropriate code. These programs support the use of external images and allow you to insert different types of code to manage features.

When using a content management system such as Wordpress, website layouts occur through the use of themes, which are separate files that dictate appearance. It is possible make a new theme by either modifying its code or creating a child theme and using CSS to change it.

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