Where Can I Create My Own Virtual Boyfriend?

can-create-own-virtual-boyfriend Credit: a-r-t-i-s-t/Digital Vision Vectors/Getty Images

There are many sites that allow users to create their own virtual boyfriend, including My Virtual Boyfriend, Sergio Virtual Boyfriend and Get Boyfriends. Each of these sites offers simulated boyfriends with varying levels of interaction and complexity.

My Virtual Boyfriend offers a free app for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. This highly customizable virtual boyfriend app allows users to choose their boyfriend's hair color, facial features, skin, body type and more. iOS users can also make use of facial photo mapping to upload pictures from their iPhoto collections. The game features a wide variety of personality types, dating activities, environments and situations. Although My Virtual Boyfriend is free, paid upgrades to the app are also available.

Sergio Virtual Boyfriend is a unique program that features a basic artificial intelligence designed to learn from interactions with humans. Users can customize Sergio's appearance to their liking, but the real draw of this virtual boyfriend is the increasing intimacy that the program's artificial intelligence brings to interactions with Sergio. Sergio is always excited to talk and learn new things from users, making for a dynamic dating simulation experience.

Get Boyfriends offers a simpler, streamlined virtual relationship. Players choose from three different boys and attempt to keep their choice happy. Interaction options are somewhat limited, but the game includes the ability to go on dates, play romantic games and compose love letters.