How Can You Create Your Own Jeopardy! Game in PowerPoint?


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To create the Jeopardy! game using PowerPoint, create a new presentation in the software. Add a new slide by clicking New Slide on the Home tab, and enter the text "Jeopardy Game" in a text placeholder. Add another new slide, and click the Insert tab to insert a table with five columns and five rows into the slide. Resize the table so that it fits into the slide.

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Enter the category names in the cells of the first row of the table. Enter "10" in the cells of the second row, and "20" in the cells of the third row before repeating the process in increments of 10. Add a new slide for the first clue, and select the text in the first cell before right-clicking on the selected text and selecting Hyperlink. In the Insert Hyperlink window, select the newly added blank slide before clicking OK.

Add a button to the first question slide by clicking on Shapes and then on Action Buttons on the Insert tab. In the Action Settings window, click Hyperlink to, and then select Next Slide in the drop-down list. Right-click the button before selecting Edit Text and entering "Answer". Add a new slide for the first answer, which links automatically to the button you just added.

Repeat the process to create a clue-answer slide pair for each cell in the table. When finished, save the PowerPoint presentation. Finally, press the F5 key to start the slideshow.

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