How Can You Create Your Own CD Labels?


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Create your own CD labels using a photo editing software or a template on a word processing software. Purchase precut CD stickers or labels. The most important element of the process is sizing your label design and text to the appropriate scale for the sticker by following the directions on the label packaging.

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Photo editing software programs typically have a CD label template built into the program, but word processing software usually requires a template download from an online source. Some CD labels come packaged with instruction on where to find templates that fit the label's dimensions. Some templates are simple while others have various graphic designs built into them.

Open the template and add any desired text to either pre-existing text boxes or by inserting a new text box in the desired area. Inserting a text box allows you to control how big or small the text area is. Format the text by changing the font, the font size, the color and additional formatting such as italics, underlining or bold text. Add graphics, images, photos or background colors and manipulate the placement until they fit the desired design. Once the design is right, follow the instructions on the label packaging to print one label to test if the dimensions are correct.

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