How Can You Create a Musical Slide Show With IPhoto?

How Can You Create a Musical Slide Show With IPhoto?

Click the Music button in iPhoto to browse for music and add it to your slide show. If the music is too short, set iTunes to repeat the song in the Settings menu. You only need iPhoto installed, a sound clip and a few images to get started.

  1. Import the images

    With iPhoto opened, select an album from the source list, and click the Slideshow button. You can also select a group of images and click the Slideshow button to add them to iPhoto.

  2. Add effects

    Click the Effect drop-down box, and select from different effects to add to your slide show. In addition, click the transition drop-down box if you want a transition effect between each image. Click the Ken Burns check box if you want to pan and zoom on the images.

  3. Add music

    Click the Music button, and navigate to the song or sound clip in your folder. If you forgot where you saved the music, type the name of the song in the search field. Select the song, and click OK to import it into iPhoto.

  4. Play the slide show

    Click the Preview button to test your new slide show before showing it to others. Press Play to view and listen to the final result.